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To send your parcel(s), please fill in the form on the right (or below, if using mobile).
Once we have received the order, we will come and collect it, measure/weigh and send you an invoice. As soon as the invoice is paid we will put your parcel in transit.
If you would rather take it to our warehouse or post it to us, please leave UK address blank and tick "Send/take to our warehouse instead" box; we will contact you asap regarding to your parcel(s) so please do not forget to add your UK phone number.

Price list (pdf): Click here

Parcel's weight is calculated by comparing actual and volumetric weight whichever is greater we charge for.

Please note, our prices are per shipment. For multiple parcels, please measure and weigh all parcels separately; round up the figures (prices are up to kg); and add them together for total weight to be charged for.

Actual weight: parcel's own weight in kilograms.
Volumetric weight: weight calculated by multiplying parcel's three sides in centimetres and dividing the answer by 5000. The answer is volumetric weight in kilograms.
(Width cm x Length cm x Height)/5000
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